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Our approach to building
What makes CEC different?

When choosing a builder it helps to understand what they specialise in.

Some builders focus on townhouses and apartments, project or custom homes, industrial buildings, knockdown rebuilds and others do a little bit of everything. At CEC our sole focus is on transforming and adding value to existing spaces … by refitting, renovating and/or extending them. When meeting with prospective clients to discuss their projects, we are asked and often share how we are different.


Over 90% of our inquiries come from previous clients or other members of the industry who have seen how we work and the results. Unfortunately not every referral turns into a new project. At times we are fully booked, it relates to work that we can do but choose not too (e.g. new homes) or the owner changes their mind and chooses to sell the property.


We see maintenance in the opposite way to many other builders. If we’ve completed a project and have a happy client, why ruin the relationship by ignoring or trying to delay the 0.5% of it that might need a tweak or adjustment? Maintenance isn’t an inconvenience; it’s the final step in handing over a project that we are proud of and want you to enjoy.


We understand that life and work rarely stands still, even if building is taking place. We adapt our own processes to suit each client and their project’s needs … whether that means working after hours to refit a Department Secretary’s office or through the school holidays when a family is spending time together in another city.

Trades and Suppliers

We take great care in selecting our trades and suppliers, because their work and materials reflect on us. In many ways we treat them as partners and members of our team – we communicate openly, ensure they align with our culture/values, have a good understanding of the project and ensure that we pay them on time.

Hands on

‘It’ll be right’ is not a term that should be heard when building. We believe in being ‘hands on builders’. This means that we are actively involved in every aspect of your project … from pricing, consulting with architects, helping our trades, inspections, handover and finally any maintenance (if needed).

CEC is led by Mitchell Hurley, a commercial carpenter by trade with almost two decades in the industry. As a third generation tradesman, Mitch grew up around building sites in Canberra and has a sound understanding of how projects are successfully delivered and perhaps more importantly, what can go wrong. He treats each project with a focussed, open and honest mindset; helping clients to visualise the end outcome and the steps needed to get there. When he is not building or in the office, Mitch enjoys spending time with family and friends, time outdoors by the water and slow roasting or smoking meats.